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    Career Counseling

    The ultimate objective of a career counselor in Florida is to assist clients in obtaining relevant, fulfilling, and financially advantageous jobs. To do this, career counselors extensively collaborate with their clients to determine their skills, areas for improvement, and areas of interest while looking into potential careers and employment openings.

    But career counseling in Florida will do more than just distribute personality tests and go through job advertisements. Mark Lang, L.C.S.W. - Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist will assist clients in imagining themselves in various contexts. He will also help customers develop practical skills such as creating resumes, writing cover letters, interviewing for jobs, and acting professionally and productively at work.

    Career counselors serve as instructors, coaches, confidants, and mentors. Each client receives personalized assistance that is catered to their unique needs and objectives.

    What Does a Career Counselor Do?

    Many career counselors work with students of all ages, while others help veterans who have left the military, persons who are changing careers, and people who have permanent disabilities and are unable to perform the duties of their prior jobs. Career counselors work with a wide spectrum of people, therefore their normal daily activities depend on the setting in which they are employed. However, in general, these experts can handle any of the following jobs:

    • Administer personality and career tests to determine a client's interests and job aptitudes
    • Determine potential career paths and inform clients of these alternatives
    • Give recommendations for local resources, like career training possibilities and educational opportunities
    • Assist clients in discovering nearby employment and internship opportunities
    • Assist clients in drafting cover letters and resumes
    • Teach clients how to conduct excellent interviews, and conduct practice interviews

    When do you need a career coach?

    You're unsure of your next course of action.
    You're idly browsing LinkedIn, and while each job feels like something you could accomplish, you're unsure of what you actually want to do. When relatives or friends provide advice to help you narrow down your options, it's possible that their recommendations will be based on what they've seen you do in the past or what is the "easiest" career or job to move into, rather than what truly appeals to you. If you're unsure of what line of work will make you happy, a life coach in Florida can help you evaluate options that may differ from your past experiences or that you hadn't thought of.

    You are unsure of how to make your resume straightforward and substantive.
    Resumes must demonstrate the appropriate qualifications and ability to perform the job at the level being advertised. A career coach in Miami can assist you in positioning your skills within the framework of a potential post, particularly transferrable skills that don't fully align with the requirements listed in the job description. No matter how impressive, not every achievement is appropriate for a CV. A career coach in Broward county can assist you in identifying the experience that is pertinent to the position you are going for and in streamlining your resume and LinkedIn profile so that they both include just one message that will position you to stand out to recruiters.

    You still mourn the loss of your previous job.
    Maybe you're having trouble getting over a terrible job experience that made you furious, depressed, or anxious. It's not as simple as thinking the next job will make that negativity go away.

    Although you've been applying for jobs, none have come your way.
    You could need assistance making the connection between your experience and each position if you frequently finish in second place at the end of the hiring process, fail to advance past the hiring manager after the first round of interviews, or make it to the next round but fail to pass him or her. Your answers to other typical interview questions can be improved, your executive presence can be polished, and you can rehearse with a virtual career coach South Florida until you feel comfortable.

    Your career isn't progressing for you.
    The purpose of career counselors extends beyond simply assisting job seekers. Numerous coaches can aid in your understanding of why you aren't progressing at your present employer. Coaches can conduct a 360-degree review or interpret your performance feedback to identify behaviors you need to change for ongoing career advancement.

    If you decide you need a career coach, reach out to Mark Lang, L.C.S.W. - Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist at New Era Therapy Now.