Virtual Therapy for Miami Beach, Florida

Mental health is moving more and more into the limelight as people speak up and speak out about their struggles. Whether you’ve championed the movement against the stigma since the beginning, you’re just about to start on your healing journey, or you’re somewhere in between, we have a spot for you at New Era Therapy Now. Take advantage of our virtual therapy sessions whether you’re in Miami Beach, FL, or many miles away.

Talk Things Through

Talk therapy is an important service, and talking through things is an important aspect of that. In our video therapy sessions, you can rest assured that we’ll give you the safe space and the prompts you need to productively talk about what you’re going through. We won’t cut you off if you need to keep talking, even if your session is going over the scheduled time.

Stop a Spiral

We know that mental health crises don’t restrict themselves to business hours, and you want to have help available if you’re spiraling. That’s why we offer virtual mental health counseling any day of the year; on weekdays, weekends, and holidays; and at any time of the day or night. Get professional help and halt your spiral in its tracks.

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