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    Sport psychologists

    Are you an athlete who is experiencing poor sports performance? Have you lost motivation or enjoyment of the sport you’ve invested time, finances, and energy into? Sport psychologists can support you in overcoming obstacles, improving performance, and achieving your objectives. When they are having a difficulty, some athletes turn to a sport psychologist or another expert in Miami clinical psychotherapy for assistance. During a competition, for instance, you may experience anxiety or lose concentration. You might struggle to motivate yourself to work out, to control your emotions, or even to communicate with teammates. Or you might falter during crucial games.

    However, athletes don't only seek help from sports psychologists when they are having problems. In addition, sport psychologists can assist athletes:

  • Improve efficiency. Athletes can overcome challenges and reach their full potential by using a variety of mental tactics, including visualization, self-talk, and relaxation techniques.
  • Adapt to the competition's pressures. Athletes of all levels can benefit from sport psychologists' assistance in overcoming pressure from coaches, parents, or even their own expectations.
  • Recuperate from injuries or wounds. Athletes may require assistance after an injury to cope with pain, stick to their physical rehabilitation schedules, or get used to being sidelined.
  • Continue your fitness regimen. Even individuals who wish to work out frequently might not be able to achieve their aim. These individuals can improve their motivation and address any connected issues with the assistance of sport psychologists.
  • Enjoy your sport. Young people's sports organizations may hire a sport psychologist to teach coaches how to assist kids love sports and how to foster a positive sense of self-worth in participation.
  • Even off the field, sports psychology can be beneficial to individuals. The same approaches that sport psychologists instruct players in—such as relaxation methods, mental rehearsals, and cognitive restructuring—can also be applied in other contexts, such as the workplace.

    Athletes that work with sports psychologists can perform better. Working with players on motivation, stress management, visualization, efficient teamwork, and other psychological aspects of athletic success is a common aspect of jobs in sports psychology.

    What psychological factors help improve sports performance?

    A therapist in Broward county will help an athlete identify psychological characteristics that directly affect sports performance. These characteristics are typically grouped into four major categories: emotional stability, inner strength, adaptability, and competitive development.

    Recognizing an athlete's mental assets and shortcomings that influence or effect performance is the job of a Florida psychotherapist. Sports career counseling in Florida can emphasize relaxation, visualization, and goal-setting using visualization techniques to improve an athlete's performance. Mark Lang, L.C.S.W. has experience working in outpatient, inpatient, partial hospital, and employee assistance program settings with psychiatric, chemical dependency, co-occurring, and personality disorder client groups for over 33 years, with proven knowledge and efficacy in Florida. Call to schedule an appointment with Mark at New Era Therapy Now to get sports performance therapy.