Traditional Therapy

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Traditional Therapy

There are many benefits to therapy, and there are different ways to engage in therapy. Traditional, in-person therapy is a great way to get help. At New Era Therapy Now, you can meet with a licensed counselor for a face-to-face meeting. Mark Lang, L.C.S.W. - Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, can help you gain new skills, including

  • communication and interpersonal skills
  • self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • ability to change negative behaviors/habits.
  • management and self-expression of emotions
  • managing mental health conditions including depression and anxiety
  • processing thoughts, feelings, and worries without judgment
  • developing coping strategies for the stressors in your life
  • practicing self-reflection and awareness

Services at New Era Therapy Now include in-person therapy sessions for couples, families, or individuals to help clients improve relationships and interpersonal connectedness with those they love, experience better sleep, increase happiness and satisfaction, improve mental function and productivity, and have fewer missed days from school or work.

In-person therapy can be scheduled for mornings or evenings, seven days per week. If you’ve experienced abuse, trauma, neglect, behavioral challenges in your or your loved one, emotional turmoil, or relational difficulties, meeting with a qualified therapist will provide the relief you need. Evidenced-based and innovative treatment is provided on a scheduled or emergency-need basis. You can experience emotional, mental, and physical improvements, such as improved lower blood pressure or reduction in chronic pain; patients who have gone to therapy also experience improved management of behavioral health challenges, including reducing or quitting addictive behaviors such as smoking, alcohol abuse, or sexual behaviors.

Some clients only want to engage in therapy through in-person sessions and find the benefits outweigh the personal sacrifice of traveling to an appointment. Many people enjoy the familiarity and comfort of in-person interaction. It’s also easiest to maintain privacy when you meet with a therapist face-to-face; office space with a private room behind closed doors offers security and feelings of safety while you disclose private matters. In-person therapy also allows for intentionality. There is an increased commitment when you disconnect from normal activities, travel from one place to another, and focus solely on the therapy session. That time, including the travel time, is blocked off and directed toward your mental and emotional health. Another benefit to in-person therapy is an increased ability for the client and therapist to read non-verbal body language. This is easier to see and understand when meeting face-to-face.

There is no wrong way to engage in therapy. If traditional, in-person therapy is your preference, Mark Lang, L.C.S.W. - Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, is happy to meet with you. He offers therapy counseling services at his trauma recovery center in South Florida. New Era Therapy Now offers expertise in multiple areas, including substance abuse and mental health, career counseling, couples therapy, family and adolescent therapy, as well as relapse prevention. If you are experiencing depression or anxiety, reach out to Mark Lang, L.C.S.W. for help today.

Sometimes you just need advice and help in areas of life where, despite your best efforts, you’ve struggled to be successful. In-person coaching sessions can help you discover your calling and purpose in life. These sessions can teach clients how to recognize weaknesses in their unique personalities and guide them to overcome those weaknesses with improved self-awareness and habits that lead to success. If you are struggling to identify short-term or long-term goals, Mark Lang, L.C.S.W. - Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, can help you establish these stepping stones that lead to achieving your dreams. The support and accountability provided will keep you focused and motivated, helping you overcome fear or mental blocks that are in front of you.

Psychotherapy and Relapse Prevention is a specialty of New Era Therapy Now. A psychotherapist uses talk therapy to treat people for emotional problems and mental illnesses. This simply means that a therapist will help you talk about and identify problems, as well as help you build the skills needed to overcome them. New Era Therapy Now provides evidence-based and contemporary treatment across Florida. This treatment addresses depression, panic attacks, anxieties, phobias and fears, addictions, relapse prevention, and PTSD. Services also include the execution of interventions as well as sober companion services. Mark Lang has over 33 years of experience and is the founder of New Era Therapy Now; he is a top-rated licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, life coach, and clinical supervisor. He offers traditional, in-person psychotherapy at his Pompano Beach – Fort Lauderdale office. But he will also meet you for an in-person session anywhere from Miami Beach to the Palm Beaches.